Review: Yami Herbals Floral Fruity Face Pack

Yami Herbals, one of the most efficient natural brands I’ve been using. Simplicity, affordability, efficiency, handmade and homemade are the keywords I’d tag the brand to. I’ve been using their skin brightening face pack for almost 6 months now. Read about my thoughts on their Skin brightening face pack and bath powder.

The reason why I prefer Yami is that most of their products are ubtans (powders) which don’t require preservatives, product formulations are unadulterated, safe and their ingredients are not sourced (they are home dried and powdered). Most importantly, they are transparent in their ingredients & open for clarifications.

I got hands on their new launch “Floral Fruity Face pack” 🙂 Having used skin brightening face pack, I did not think twice to try the new powder pack 🙂


Product Description & Brand Claim by Yami Herbals:

“Raise your hand if you suffer from smuts, complexion problems, pigmentation, dullness etc! We see a lot of you out there crying for help, and no matter how many fairness creams and products over-the-counter you have been buying and using, none of them seem to work! Many of us don’t find time to go to salons due to the busy schedule. Ever thought of giving into the gentle caress of nature for getting that silky skin without burning a hole in your pocket? Here we bring, This summer special fruits and flowers facial powder for you. Ask me what it does to your skin?!

💚 Tightens your skin pores
💚 Tan removal
💚 Reduces appearances of blemishes gradually
💚 Enhances mood of skin
💚 Contains a high amount of anti-aging properties
💚 Revive dull and lifeless skin
💚 Remove extra oil”

Suitable for: Oily skin & Sensitive Skin (not strictly though, it suits even dry skin)

Quantity and Price: 100g for Rs. 190

Texture: Fine powder & the natural color of the ingredients (no added colors/fragrances)


The dried and powdered form of the following ingredients:

Rose petals – A multifaceted aromatic flower largely used in almost all skincare products, harbours excellent anti-inflammatory properties, intense hydrating properties and calms the affected skin

Lotus flower – A powerful ingredient in skincare, it helps unclog pores and is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. It is more than a flower with therapeutic properties. Products infused with lotus protect the skin from damage caused by pollution

Aavarampoo – Fights uneven skin tone and enhances glow

Papaya – Papaya has the magical enzyme Papain and Vitamin A, that does the wonders of removing dead skin cells, thus rejuvenating skin. Reduces blemishes, treats aging skin and gives a healthy skin tone

Orange peel – Literally indispensable in skincare and the storehouse of Vitamin C, it helps get radiant and bright skin with its natural bleaching properties. Also reduces acne scars, blemishes and fades dark spots

Pomegranate Peel – Rich in anti-oxidants and possesses healing properties. It aids in preventing acne and breakouts. Also, It greatly helps minimizing appearance of wrinkles.

Hazelnut – Delays premature ageing of skin

Green gram – Acts in exfoliation of skin and it is rich in vitamins which immensely helps in brightening skin

My experience:

I loved using Yami herbals Skin brightening face pack since it gradually removed the sun tan which I had. Without a second thought, I placed an order for Floral Fruity face pack when they launched it. I did have expectations, of course. Yami has delivered the right formulation for the market they cater to. They are this brand which strives to strike a balance between quality and cost. They make it affordable for customers by having less margin, bulk production (~7 kgs per month) and thus higher sales. This directly leads them to make it affordable for consumers.

Now coming to the usage instructions and my experience, I followed as per instructions shared to use the required quantity of the powder either with milk/curd/rose water. I used it with curd, since I have dry facial skin. I kept the pack for 20 minutes and scrubbed it gently while washing it off. It was not harsh on my delicate skin 🙂 Later, I wiped the face to reveal supple & healthy skin. It worked on the tan with time and regular usage. I’ve not faced any difficulties using this, until now. Don’t forget to use toner/moisturizer after the pack 🙂

One advantage of Yami herbals face packs is that it can be used with milk, hydrosols (I prefer rose) and can be used as daily powder cleanser too. It beautifully cleanses the skin and imparts a glow.

Overall, a lovely face pack with “fruit”ful ingredients, literally 😁


  • Brightens & lightens with regular use
  • Removes tan
  • Cleanses well
  • Yami is transparent  & approachable
  • Economic


  • More convenient & enhanced packaging would be helpful

Where to buy: Find themon Instagram, Facebook & Whatsapp Shylaja @7358813032

Desi Réflexions statement: Very good product at this range and which helps skin with regular use! Infact, the results are much better than the expensive options available. Yep, I would go back for purchase.

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