Review: Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing Ritual with “The Beauty Rituals”

“The Beauty Rituals” is a skincare brand which is owned by Riyaz & team and whose daughter is a cosmetologist. In the search of treating their own skin conditions, this brand was born! The 5-year journey in personal care has been an interesting one for the team who create products with natural extracts and ingredients.

As for the positioning, the brand creates products which are free of harsh chemicals.

I received 3 products and here is my honest opinion on them 🙂

**PR Samples

**Tried on dry & delicate skin

**Sharing opinion after using it for 2 months


Step 1: Cleansing using “The Beauty Rituals Daily Cleansing Grains”

The best from the bunch I received. The mild grains’ aroma immediately captured my attention and I was curious to try the product. But, as always, before using a product it is essential to read the label. I checked the ingredients involved.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond, Rolled Oats, Wild turmeric, Kaolin Clay, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Blend of Essential Oils

Description: “Our Daily cleansing grains is a traditional blend of herbs, cereals & clays which mildly exfoliates facial skin. It gently cleanses dirt, dead skin cells & impurities”


My experience:

I used the product as directed on the label. Their product label had the following details viz., Date of Manufacture, Price, Description, How to Use & active ingredients involved. I enjoyed trying this cleanser with milk as the aroma was so rich. I took half teaspoon of the grains, mixed it well on my palms/cup with milk and applied all over my face. It is a multipurpose product, as it can be left for a few minutes as a pack. Later, I gently scrubbed off the pack which cleanly cleanses the facial skin. I experienced very slight tingling sensation on the skin, which might be due to the presence of clay but never was it irritating. I have delicate skin and hence was a bit worried about using it daily, but the texture of the grains are soft that when it is exfoliated it melts on the skin and perfectly cleanses without harming it.

It always left a healthy glow and supple skin.

The ingredients involved holds its own benefits for skincare. An overall mild and good product, the cleansing grains also has an additional benefit of being a travel-friendly cleanser.


Price & Quantity: Rs. 275 for 45g

Step 2: Toning using “The Beauty Rituals Fennel & Chamomile Toner”

Chamomile, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Green tea being an all-rounder and Fennel for its anti-aging and cleansing properties, makes a soothing & calming combination for a toner. Ideal for delicate & dry skin, I would categorize this as a soothing and smoothing toner which is free of alcohol and is water-based.

Ingredients & Description: Fennel Seeds, Roman Chamomile & Green tea

“Our Fennel & Chamomile Facial Toner refines the look of pores for smoother skin texture. It hydrates skin & boosts elasticity. It also helps diminish dark spots & boosts elasticity”

My experience:

I used the toner immediately after cleansing with the grains and I could notice smoother skin which is calmed by the toner. It did hydrate (much needed for my dry skin) and as I continued using, I felt comfortable and there was no tingling sensation felt. It has a mild spicy aroma and feels gentle when sprayed. Overall, a good experience with the toner.

The only improvement factor was the unclear label which can be more clear with details.

Price & Quantity Details: Rs. 250 for 60ml


Step 3: Moisturizing using “The Beauty Rituals Avocado Saffron Day Cream”

Description: “Our Avocado Saffron Day Cream is prepared using Avocado Extract, Kashmiri Saffron, Mulberry Extract, Mango Butter, Lavender, and Geranium. Our day cream is light, non-greasy and absorbs quickly”


My Experience:

This product would be a savior for dry skin. It hydrates and moisturizes well which remains for the whole day. Also, it gets absorbed while massaging it with fingertips and is non-greasy too.

It has a creamy consistency and the saffron can be spotted in the cream. It spreads easily on skin and is comfortable for use. I used it both as a stand-alone moisturizer, as a moisturizer along with facial serum and also, under makeup. Under makeup, it does not work as a primer but simply a good moisturizing cream base. I regularly used it for work and it did a good job on my dry skin. The ingredients involved has butter which keeps the skin supple and the presence of Vitamin E oil and wheat germ oil acts as a natural preservative and thus gives a shelf life of 12 months.



Price & Quantity Details: Rs.275 for 50g

Pros of the products from “The Beauty Rituals”:



Free from harsh chemicals

Cons of the products from “The beauty Rituals”:

It would be helpful to have a clear label which most of the brands miss keeping the consumers informed about.

Where to buy? : Instagram & Whatsapp to 9322037532

Desi Réflexions Statement: A good home made find.

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