Review: Blare & Blush Intense Hair Re-growth and Total Repair Hair Oil

Hello everyone! I’m a person who never skips oiling for the scalp. Read it right? Yes, scalp and not hair.

Recently, I came across Blare and blush on Instagram and I got a chance to interact with Dr.Shruthi, the founder & cosmetologist from Chennai. Read more about them, here.

Let’s get going with the review.

Product Description by Blare and Blush:

A Unique formulation of some of the nature’s most skin-friendly and clinically proven Bio-active oils. As we age our collagen production slows and the cell structures weaken, causing hair to get lifeless and less elastic. So blends of organic herbs, essential oils, carrier oils is very important for the reconstruction of Collagen formation than just a normal oil which is loaded chemicals.

Our Oil is a blend of 12 herbs like Vetiver, Avaram Poo, Thulasi, Horsetail, Semparuthi, Methi, Sampank, Ratanjuti, Rathachandan, Amla, Valampuri, Devdar, Carrier Oils like Castor oil, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil and also essential oils like Rosemary, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Bringraj , Orange, Cedar wood , Frankincense and Carrot Seed.

Oiling hair with a healthy diet results in a faster and stronger natural growth. As a leave-in treatment oil can be used and left overnight and then washed out in the morning for best results. Using Oil for hair has many benefits such as moisturizing scalp, removing dandruff, making hair brighter, improving its volume, removing dryness and making it stronger. Hair grows when they are given enough nourishment to sustain. Although, hair is just a protein strand, it also requires regular feed of vitamins and other essentials which our product provides to your hair in the right way.


Claims and Recommendations:

  • 100% Organic Ingredients (USDA & FDA Certified) – This product is an oil and hence free of harsh chemicals
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from Mineral Oils
  • Free from Synthetic Colors
  • Free from Synthetic Fragrances

NOTE: The oil can be left overnight and can be rinsed later next morning. However, for people with migraine or sinusitis apply before 2 hours and wash it off.

Suitable for: All hair types

Quantity and Price: Rs.499 for 100 ml


There is a uniqueness in the packaging, I must say. Look at how convenient and chic is the packaging for an oil.

The spray nozzle ensures you don’t overuse oil and also, in case you don’t want to dispense the hair oil on the palms and use, you can directly spray on the scalp and massage with fingertips.

The nozzle has another tight safety lock cap which prevents any leakage. And then comes a bottle cap. So the double protection makes it convenient for travel and use.


Shelf Life: 18 Months

Texture: This oil is slightly heavier than normal hair oils since it has castor oil as one among the carrier oils. It has a slightly translucent color and runny consistency.



It has the right blend of Herbs + Carrier Oils + Essential Oils. All the ingredients used are USDA organic certified and cold pressed.These certified ingredients are sourced and the product is prepared from scratch at B & B in Chennai.

Also, the blend is double distilled to prevent bacterial and fungal inception and prevents rancidity of oil (spoilage). Knowingly or unknowingly, using rancid oils can be hazardous.


My experience:

Like I shared before, I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging, not for the design but the purpose. It rightly served the purpose. For a potent formulation with essential oils, carrier oils & herbs, the minimum quantity of few sprays or 2/3 tsps would do.

We water the plant soil and not all over the leaves and flowers. The same logic applies here too. For our scalp maximum of 3 tsps is enough for oil massage. Whatever oil drips down from the scalp, is enough to keep the hair shafts healthy.

I massaged this oil before 3 hours of washing my hair since I have migraine issues (as mentioned on the label) & weekly twice. I sprayed on the scalp and massaged with fingertips for good 10 minutes. The oil smells heavy, as it has neem & castor incorporated in it. The ones with a sensitive nose might want to try smelling before proper application. I am completely fine with the fragrance since I apply pure cold-pressed neem oil too 😉 and many many ayurvedic formulations which smell heavy, taste bitter but has miraculous benefits! Hence, I can manage 🙂

Please note here that, if you aren’t comfortable with the fragrance of neem & castor, you need not use it daily, rather shift it to weekly twice 🙂 Sniff & decide the frequency as per your sensitivity and convenience.

With regular usage, I could notice cleaner scalp and less itching. It controlled dryness of hair and additionally, it helps in reducing hair fall. I am sure with regular use, it would promote hair growth too. As the potent concoction would regularly penetrate the scalp pores and induce growth.

I always insist on this, beauty always comes from inside out. Unless and until we have proper intake, hair & skin beauty would be a failure. Also, stick to one particular oil to see how it actually works on your hair.

Considering the cost of Rs.499, I think it is affordable for an organic source and the oil can be last for a longer time compared to other oils, as lesser quantity is sufficient for usage.

Overall, it is a very good creation which nourishes hair and helps improve the health of hair.

Where to buy:

Instagram : 

Desi Reflexions Statement: Good & worthy product.

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