Scalp Cleansing Treatment at Aroma Essentials

** Tried on infected scalp &severe hair fall condition

The word “Hair care” has diverse meaning these days. The never settling gen opt for easier ways to solve their problems, only to realize the wrath later.

I was no exception and was one among the crowd too. I was this person who ignored home care and surrendered to the L’Oréal Salons.

calp Issues

Why did I go for this? (Salon treatments)

I basically started having dandruff issues ever since 11th stad. Not knowing what to do, I just started going for the spa treatments. It helped in the beginning only to later realize my hair was turning into disaster. (You generally fall for the lovely immediate effects in the salons). 6 years down the lane, my hair was weak. Dandruff did not budge, it built up scales and started to bleed. I changed many shampoos but in vain.

Dandruff buildup on my hair:
I had lumps on dandruff buildup on my crown and near forehead. It would bleed if I peel off. The puss again made the dandruff come back and eventually that small spot went bald, no hair grew. The spot where it bleeds, turns extremely red and painful.

Well, I’m a woman. I freaked out and the number of parlor visits were countless for me. Just hoping it would go forever.

Do you want me to list down the treatments I took? If you have patience and trust yes go ahead to read

1. Loreal spa 5 sittings
2. Naturals Hair spa 5 sittings
3. UV comb treatment 3 sittings
4. Repeat 1 & 2 until September 2017

The money I spent here is disheartening and my feelings too! Damn.

I was about to even go to Dr. Batras.

September 2017 (By then, I had given up on salons understanding that their only moto is to rip me off my wallet and make me come back again) – I came to know about Aroma Essentials. I went to meet them directly. They suggested me some products, tips and I did follow. Madhu ensured she did not over suggest products to me. Even if I asked, she would say “First try this”

Butter drops mask and hair revitalizing mask came into my life! THAT was my saviour. I saw my hair visibly changing. Slowly. But scalp problems persisted, since my case was severe.

I freaked to Madhurima if I had scalp psoriasis. Yes it bleeds, dandruff zits forms time and again. What else would I think?

She checked and calmed me down and I was advised to take scalp scrubbing treatment (6 sittings) and she said my scalp is nowhere close to damage and can be healed.

Read below the main steps I followed religiously for healthy scalp:

  1. Scalp Scrubbing Treatment from Aroma Essentials :

Since I live in Bangalore, I have struck gold 😀 Whatever my hair issues are, I run to Madhurima for a check. So, she checked my scalp and assured that it can be cured.

Product used in the treatment: Scalp Scrub

Scalp Scrub


Product Claims:

Removes excess Oil, Gets rid of impurities, Improves circulation, fights dandruff, Removes product buildup, Clarifies scalp and removes dead skin cells


Green coffee, Black Coffee, Almond Oil, Rice bran Oil and Aloe Gel (It resembles a gel with cleansing grains)

Directions to Use: Massage with little pressure on scalp, scrub out well all over the surface. Leave it for an hour and wash with mild shampoo.

Frequency: I follow once in 10 days (or as suggested by Madhu)

I was advised to take the scalp scrub treatment at Aroma Essentials

And the treatment costed Rs.1150 per session (Incase we take a package, it comes to Rs.850 after discount)

Treatment Step 1:

You reach Aroma Essentials. They arrange everything except that you are suggested to take your towel (hygiene and I absolutely prefer it). It is not necessary that you should have oiled your scalp.

Before beginning the treatment, Madhu would thoroughly check your scalp and do High Frequency Treatment (incase you have fungal infection), it depends.

They would then start by parting your hair and apply the scalp scrub on the scalp. A good amount of pressure is applied as the scrub is evenly spread on scalp. It gives such a good relaxation. This is the same step where your blood circulation improves, as they give a very good massage.

At the same time, with the mild pressure applied during the scrub massage, the scales, dandruff, and buildup is removed.

Your scalp would feel slightly sticky after the massage, due to the coffee and oil.


Treatment Step 2:

Next, they would give a nice mild steam. It helps opens pores (the scrubbing by itself opens pores) and this helps additionally to ensure the oil and juices of the coffee bean enter the scalp and nourish it.

After this step, you can leave. Go home and relax.

Treatment Step 3:

Relax for an hour or two and wash with mild shampoo (cleanse your scalp well with water, slowly in circular motions to remove the cleaning grains in the scrub).

Treatment Step 4:

Finish by applying a natural serum on your hair. You can read on what I use, here.

I continued this treatment for the number of sittings as suggested and without fail.

Efficiency of the treatment:

Generally, coffee acts an important ingredient in scrubs for skin and hair. You can even try rubbing some coffee on scalp and wash off after 30 minutes. This product formulation is such a way that it would help keep the scalp clean and fresh, scrubs off the dead skin cells which inturn helps the new cells to push out stronger hair. It is a great stimulant for hair.

I could visibly see the difference in my scalp condition and I could see the dandruff disappearing steadily. The itching and redness vanished in time. I forgot how it was to do the nasty itching. It clears unnecessary pits, dust and cleanses scalp well. I was relieved. The product justifies what it claims and the treatment gave extremely satisfying results. I was firm on what needs to be followed, henceforth.

Strictly to forget salons, religiously follow the home care (mentioned below, including the scalp scrub which I do it by myself now) using natural products and herbal powders only.

Here are the other tips which I ensured to follow apart from the treatment, at home (When I don’t scrub)

  1. Oiling (without fail, a step I follow before masking)

Madhu suggested me to use pure neem Oil for oiling my scalp, during this treatment. I had Bonsoul’s Neem oil handy and used that to massage the scalp.

Read more about Bonsoul’s Neem Oil here.

Alternatively, you can use any cold pressed virgin oil (Coconut, Almond Oil) or Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend/Rose baby Oil or Yami Herbal’s Hair Oil, as per your convenience.

  1. Hair Therapy Oil (From Aroma Essentials)

This one step, I do not skip. Apart from oiling, I alternatively use this paste like therapy Oil that smells purely of onions. Especially suitable for infected scalp (yes, mine was infected), this oil (or cream I’d say) prevents fungal infection and regenerate hair follicles on scalp. Unclogs pores and pushes new hair follicle to grow. Much needed saviour and I will not take this out of my routine.

Alternative for this at home: In case you aren’t comfortable using products, you can extract Onion Juice and apply the same on scalp for hair follicles regeneration. (Please remember, whatever I share here has been followed religiously for months together. Don’t expect “quick” results)

NOTE : If you have a sensitive scalp, do not apply the onion juice directly to scalp. Mix it with a mask and apply.

I’m very comfortable with “Hair Therapy Oil”, so I would continue with the product from Aroma Essentials 🙂

Hair Therapy Oil_Desi_Reflexions

  1. Hair Masking

Read about my extensive hair masks, here

For extreme dry & frizzy hair, read about Banana Coconut Milk Hair Mask here

(And I mean, extreme dryness)

Results :

All my hair miseries have been shushed! _/\_ Thank you Madhurima!

Also, my hair is slowly and eventually gaining a very good health!

*Touch wood*





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