Review: Yami Herbals Skin Brightening Face Pack

Yami Herbals had proved its worth in one product – their herbal bath powder (Read my thoughts here) 🙂
I was eager to try their face pack, however, slightest of doubts were pondering in the back of my mind on the pack’s claims and effectiveness (we know how our subconscious mind works :/)
Why did I have this disturbing thought?
I had purchased a face pack worth Rs. 550 which claimed “Instant Glow” but utterly failed. Utterly. I must say.
What motivated me to try Yami?
Having seen their transparency in ingredient list, openness to clarifications (Hats-off to Shylaja, she answers and clarifies patiently!), herbal raw materials used, I accepted to try the pack when Shylaja politely suggested me this brightening pack, looking at the “beach-tan” on my face post vacation in January.
Go on dear, to read a bit on the product and finally my take 🙂 (To know the story ;))
Product Description:
An one-man-army-like face pack from Yami Herbals
“Promotes healthy and smooth skin, rejuvenates skin, gradually reduces appearances of blemishes, enhances tone, uplifts skin and fights against fine lines, helps remove the tan, a great aid in warding off sagging skin and combats dry skin”
Suitable for:  Everyone and all skin types! Unisex it is 🙂
TIP : Make sure to mix it with the right ingredient according to skin type!
Quantity and Price: Rs. 150 for 100g (Very very pocket-friendly)
Two types of packing available
1. 100g of the product safely packed in a plastic box
2. 70g travel pack in a zip-lock thick packaging
Overall I love their safe shipping of products in a thick reusable cardboard box with unique Yami Herbals designed poster! (Their signature I’d say)
Now let’s get into the details of what’s inside the box!
Texture and Color : Crumble-free powder form and greenish color in appearance. It smells of pure herbs ☺️
Here comes the most interesting part due to which the story takes a turn!
Badam (Almond) –  Helps get rid of uneven tone and enhances skin texture
Pista – Vitamin E in pista helps fight ageing process of skin
Whole Green Gram – Acts in exfoliation of skin and it is rich in vitamins which immensely helps in brightening skin
Cinnamon – Fights acne and restores moisture, naturally
Orange Peel – Literally indispensable in skincare and the storehouse of Vitamin C, it helps get radiant and bright skin with its natural bleaching properties. Also reduces acne scars, blemishes and fades dark spots
Avarampoo – Fights uneven skin tone and enhances glow
Cucumber seeds – Rejuvenates skin and soothes sunburn
Oats – Has healing properties and safeguards skin by curing sun damage
Samba Wheat – Nourishes skin and enhances elasticity of skin
Potato Starch – Fights scars, dark circles and wrinkles
Pudhina Leaf – Effective therapeutic herb with ample benefits for skin
**NOTE – A lot of these ingredients prove indispensable for summer
How to use – By Yami Herbals :
“Take half spoon of herbal facial powder. Mix it well with curd/rose water/raw milk. Apply it on your whole face and leave for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it off. Massage in upward circular motion as you wash off with water”
My Experience:
Reading all the ingredients and its benefits, I went ahead to give it a try. I mixed the powder with curd or milk (my skin is comfortable with either of these or rose water); cleaned my face and applied all over, covering the neck region as well. I was taken aback when I washed off after 20 minutes.
(NOTE : Do not use soap or any cleanser, slowly rub off with the same pack)
 *I’ve mixed this with curd*
Never did I expect a fresh face after I removed the mask. I continued using and every single time it proved way more efficient than the 550 (Rs.) pack 😀 (I was convinced :D, human mind you see)
My tan started vanishing and healthy looking, rejuvenated skin was the result of using this pack. It also gives a healthy glow and brightness (not to forget softer skin too).
Important point : I know what I’m feeding to my skin and it is ideal for daily use too.
What more do I need! I save my pocket and skin!
1. Wait for better results, give it few trials before giving up (just in case)
2. Choose the co-ingredient wisely and as per your convenience that suits your skin (Eg., Some are allergic to curd, oily skin demands tomato puree, milk suits dry skin, etc.,)
Where to buy:
Whatsapp : Reach Shylaja @7358813032
Instagram : @yamiherbals
Facebook : Yami herbals
Desi Reflexions statement:
Thumbs Up and I continue using this pack! 🙂


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