The Ray of Happiness..

Happy Morning everyone! I am overwhelmed, surprised, shocked to pen down my thoughts on happiness.
Why? – My circle knows to what extent an introvert I am, the pits of depression I have been through and the way I used to shun myself from the world for the constant fear of failure. Writing this post was a challenge to me! However, I gather strength and smiles to share some thoughts 🙂
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Why do we refer it “Ray of Happiness?” –  I trust and believe there is no one definition of happiness as it exists in various forms and in different intensities. It is something which is to be emoted, felt and of course, intangible!
Let me share my perspective now. I’m this Gemini who experiences bi-poles in everything. Every single thing. Considering how I experience this glee, is no exception. I’d like to classify it into two, “Happiness – For the Child in me” & “Happiness – For the Matured me”
According to the former one, I love smallest of things in life, like
1. Taste, smell or even see mangoes
2. Binge eat street food
3. Being a pluviophile
4. Friends, Cousins, Shopping – Without whom I’m no one now and without which (shopping) I could not have managed surpassing my dull moments 😀
5. Dance Bharatnatyam (learnt <3) & watch Kathak (Yet to learn) : Anytime! I love classics in fashion, lifestyle and what not.
6. ARR and his melodies: Food for soul 🙂
7. Travel and respect the regional culture, traditions:
Yes, I love to make memories. More than that, I adore dressing up and respecting the region’s tradition. That gives me smile, be it enjoying Ghoomar, wearing a Maharashtrian nath, adorning with a traditional Rajasthani Nose ring, wearing the traditonal mundu for Vishu etc., Each region is unique and has history behind every thing.
Now, there’s this same girl who cherishes and adores little things in life, also has these following forms of happiness, deep rooted in her (ie.,me :P)
1. The love for trekking
Trek just to stay closer to nature, feel my heartbeat every single step I take (for those who trek, they would know how one can intensely listen to the heartbeat and breathe, along with chirping of birds and rustling leaves as BGM. Ah, heaven!)
It makes me realize and stay thankful for the very fact that I am alive!
2. Empathize and not sympathize
The world has enough sympathy, but empathy is something which leads to better change, durable relationships, more compassion and lesser heart burns.
3.  Learn to create ripples – “The Ripple Effect”
Generally, everyone posts on social media when they donate or help the under privileged. On the contrary, I don’t prefer that. I strongly believe in “Ripple Effect” wherein we consciously and unconsciously go forward to lend a helping hand to the needy. Be it monetary or voluntary activities, you are a human and you have the super power to make a change and touch another person’s life.
And, here, happiness is when you see someone else smile and at the same time, stay compassionate from inside and grounded  🙂
I consider even my passion of blogging as a part, as we might be helpful in some small way or other 🙂
4. Work Hard, believe in Karma and Thank the Superpower
Anyone who has watched the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, would understand what I wish to put forward. Life is hard sometimes, painful, but overcome it. I don’t believe in sheer luck, I feel the world spins on “Law of attraction”.
Work towards your goals with conscience and when you finally get the rewards, I bet you won’t go to pub, but your heart sheds some happy tears and searches for peace to pat yourself for the dedication – and that place is Temple, for me.
5. Last but never the least, Stay Family Centered
This is THE backbone of life, I’d say. Love, respect and build your family like no other, you get the best happiness in life. Failing to do so, breaks the basic support system, according to me 🙂
Having experienced the Chennai Floods first-handedly, I’ve understood that nothing in this world is permanent. We should sometimes be our own sunshine!
I learnt to balance both these sides of me, keeping the child in me alive and at the same time nourishing the matured me, for a better personality who can “Be happy with what I have”, shedding jealously, mastering the art of acceptance and counting blessings!
As I pen down this article in my busy schedule, its like a time taken to thank and I can actually feel we are all gifted. 🙂
P.S – Don’t forget to watch this video. Hope you enjoyed reading my share of happiness 🙂


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