The making of “Aroma Essentials”

A discussion with Mrs. Madhurima & Mr. Ramakrishna
Hello everyone! Wishing you all a very happy new year 2018! 🙂 This is my first and special article of the year 2018. An article close to my heart! ❤
In the recent times, I started revamping my skin care products with complete natural ones, chucking the chemically induced brands. In that process, I got to know from one of my cousins (Laksmi Priya 💖, thanks to her!) in the US about “Aroma essentials” of Bangalore (The irony is, I very much live in Bangalore and I didn’t know of it! 😁). Then, I went through their Facebook page which intrigued me to try these products.
Interviewing Madhurima RamaKrishna – Desi Reflexions
Interviewing Madhurima RamaKrishna – Desi Reflexions
I got a chance to interact with Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna (My Secret Santa of 2017 😊) and Mr. Ramakrishna, the brains behind Aroma Essentials.
Sometimes, before you even write about their products, the idea and story behind it is so inspiring that you would want to pen down the excerpts of the discussion first, to let the world know about the evolution of this “beautiful” journey. So, here you very excited to share this article with all of you!
Aroma Essentials – “Simple goodness for your skin” is their proposition; handcrafting completely safe natural skin and hair care solutions using pure ingredients from Mother Nature (combining essential oils, aromatherapy, natural butters, etc.,) which has zero side effects and are non-comedogenic. The brand also ensures to have a “personal touch”, right from production, labelling the products and until the consultation provided.
Mrs. Madhurima Ramakrishna
Being the scientist (I entitled her that, since she is always amongst natural oils, conceptualizing and trying out new recipes 😉) & product developer of Aroma Essentials, Madhu dedicates her 100% to her work; I could sense her passion and inclination to solve her customer concerns when I interacted with her.
She is a knowledgeable and approachable person who also consults for her clients to make the right choice of products.
Interviewing Madhurima RamaKrishna – Desi Reflexions
Mr. Ramakrishna
While Madhu handles the product conceptualization, Mr. Ramakrishna plays a vital role of managing the other functions of Aroma Essentials.  Ever since they got married, he has been a strong backbone and support for her, despite all kinds of criticisms and obstacles faced. He has even taken a sabbatical from his career to support her passion; a partnership which involves motivating and learning from each other.
Where it all started…
Brought up in a family where the womenfolk created their home made recipes to treat their own skin conditions, Madhu also did the same to treat her acne. Later, she followed her passion and completed her diploma in Cosmetology and aesthetics. Her experiments were positive and led to the start of Aroma Essentials in 2000; major inspiration being LUSH cosmetics and the wonders of simple essential oils.
Aroma Essentials now…
What started as a seedling, has now grown in many ways; catering the skin care needs of all people by providing products in a reasonable and economic cost, hearing out customers’ feedback, enhancing the packaging design for better convenience etc., But what remains unchanged is the fresh preparation of products in small batches.
Additional to skin and hair care, Madhu has also expanded her expertise to baby and pet care, covering wide range of products. Further, for orders from Europe and the US, she customizes the products according to the region’s weather to serve the purpose better.
Another interesting point is that these products are not listed on e-commerce websites to ensure that they know the exact requirements of customers and provide solutions after consultation for better results.
The Road ahead
“Life has been surprising us always. We continue with our vision and welcome future as it unfolds”, they said.
Interviewing Madhurima RamaKrishna – Desi Reflexions
Madhu continues to brew her magic potion… 😉
Last but not the least, I love asking rapid fire questions and so, I asked Madhu the below questions.
“What comes to your mind the instant you hear this word…?”
  1. Women – Powerful
  2. Makeup – Mask
  3. Beauty – Calmness and inner beauty
  4. Nature – Warmth
  5. Organic – Good for everything
  6. Skin and hair care – Essential
Interesting isn’t it?
To conclude, I feel the brand justifies their title; each product of hers has an unique ‘Aroma’ and provides effective solution to the ‘Essential’ care! Hearty congratulations, Madhu & team 😄🎉.
I’ve been using it since few months and I’m a huge fan of it already! I’ll be consecutively reviewing her products in the upcoming weeks. Stay hooked for more updates! 😊

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