Say hello to happy feet :)

Métro, boulot, dodo” (A French expression which says that our daily routine is nothing but a hectic life of work, commute and sleep!) –  is what our lives have turned into! We are engrossed so much in this fancy life, that we seldom pay attention to health.

Makeup – check, Hair care at home or salon – check, skin care – check.. Good! But, how many of us are aware that an infection has the potential to affect us through our feet? Pedicure is not just for clean feet, but also for healthy feet. If we are tired of spending or even going to salon, we can follow a simple regime at home. Let us see how to go about it 🙂


1.Trim and clean

First important step is to remove the old nail polish and trim your nails in desired shape. Make sure not to cut it too short! (I do it often and end up hurting the nails :P). And, clean the nails well of dirt.

2. Soak and relax

Now is the time to pamper your feet and relax the sore and tired skin. Give it some rest with a bucket of warm water mixed with epsom salt/rock salt (provides gentle exfoliation and reduces roughness), few drops of shampoo, lemon juice (approx. 1 lemon) and few drops of essential oil (helps rejuvenate skin) or eucalyptus oil (reduces and calms aching feet). Sit back for good 15 – 25 mins and then dry your feet with towel.

3. Exfoliate

The next step is exfoliation. After foot bath and drying feet, use any foot exfoliate cream or soap (read about the foot scrub I use, here) to remove the dry dead cells. Make sure not to use harsh granulated cream/soap.

If you do not have dry/damaged skin, you can exfoliate with just a foot brush or loofah. Gently rub all over feet and cleanse with the soap.

4. Moisturize

Very important step after scrubbing and washing your feet clean is to moistirize your feet well. Apply good amount of moisturizer with few drops of olive or almond oil to help soften and hydrate your skin. You can also massage the foot to rejuvenate and pamper the skin.

At this stage, you can also apply “Fuschia – Peppermint Pedicare Nourishing Foot Cream”.

“Rich in nourishing Shea Butter, this foot cream with natural soothing ingredients moisturizes and helps relieve the feeling of tired feet. It is an effective formula that softens and renews foot skin to prevent cracks and splits. Feet are left feeling noticeably softer and smoother”

Fuschia – Peppermint Foot Cream

We can also use this every morning on clean feet and apply it before going to bed, in the night.

5. All set for beautifying the feet

Paint the nails with your favorite color!

We are done with the foot care regime. Isn’t it as simple, beautiful? Never ignore it when such simple methods can save us from unhealthy infections and importantly, give us confidence to shove our sandals off for an elegant dance on the dance floor 😉

Until next time! 🙂 (Please leave your comments below 🙂 I’d be glad to know your thoughts!)




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