Review: Yami Herbals Nourishing Hair Oil and Hair Pack

Hello everyone, welcome back 🙂 I started choosing healthy natural alternatives in all possible ways. In the current hustle bustle & pollution, it is alarmingly high time to get back to the essential hair care recipe and natural hair care products, for healthy hair and scalp. Failing do this, we would be facing the consequence soon.
Well, I did already 😦 After moving to Bangalore, I faced the worst and that is when I decided to turn to “Hair Food”, along with good diet. If you have not read my previous article on my regular hair pack, read it here. Now, I bring to you an ancient wonder, from the house of Yami, The Herbal Hair Pack, another mine in my current regime. Let us see in detail about the Yami hair spa regime and how I use it 🙂
Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
Step 1 : Nourish your scalp and hair with Yami herbals Hair oil
What issues did I face before?
I had extreme hair fall due to my work stress, dandruff and dirt buildup on scalp due to Bangalore’s pollution, dry hair due to exposure of AC throughout the day and lack of nutrients. Also, I limit oiling my scalp and hair, since I work.
What made me look at Yami Herbals Hair oil and talk to Shyalaja (the humble yet strong pillar of Yami herbals) about it?
I visited their Instagram and Facebook page and as I browsed through, I saw this picture and read the post about their hair oil, mainly I concentrated on ingredients and the process.
Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
Ingredients that matter – Read about it here
Process & Making – It is home-made by a tedious manual process which includes hard work of a person, who continuously stirs the mixture in low flame, without a break until all the ingredients are well absorbed in the base oil.
How did I use it?
I warmed up 3 tsps of the oil along with a spoon of neem oil (since I had severe dandruff issues), took a cotton ball and applied the oil all over my scalp, sectioning it equally so that I cover the entirety. Now, please read it carefully, I have mentioned here “scalp” and not just the length of the hair, since that is where the oil gets absorbed. So, don’t skip it.
Now, massage your scalp (you can continue until the neck region) non-stop for 5-6 minutes.
Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
Why? – Read below the benefits of warm oil massage
1. It promotes good blood flow, which in turn promotes, nourishes and strengthens healthy hair growth. These days, a lot of us are extremely stressed (including me), and that directly impedes the blood circulation. So, ensure to massage well, twice a week, to relax and de-stress.
2. Strengthens from the roots along the hair shafts
3. Softens and conditions hair
4. Here goes to the dry and frizzy hair, it replenishes and rejuvenates hair moisture (very essential)
5. Lubricates scalp and prevents flake buildup. A healthy scalp can reduce all hair problems! Oiling is a must, according to me.
My experience (writing it after using regularly for 2.5 months) : I used this oil religiously since February and now I have all my hair problems at bay! Trust me, I have better hair and scalp. The rich herbal fragrance of Yami hair oil, soothes you and relaxes your senses. Using a maximum of 3 tsps for medium hair would be sufficient.
Step 2: Feed your hair with “Hair Food” using Yami herbals Hair pack aka spa powder
Now, not just oiling matters for the change I had. I pampered my hair with Yami Herbals Hair pack, too. I used it twice a week.
Again, having used their bath powder and skin brightening face pack, I did not hesitate to try Yami’s hair pack powder. Shylaja, was ready to share with me the benefits and extremely approachable for clarifications. No more second thoughts, I infused this powder into my regular hair regime.

Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
You can use it differently for different hair types or mix it with other ingredients according to your need! 🙂 I write this experience based on my dry and dull hair and after using for 2.5 months too 🙂
How did I use Yami hair pack?
1. Being informed about its ingredients (read about it, here), I decided to use 5 or 6 spoons of the pack with just curd, egg, tea decoction and few drops of tea tree essential oil, since it has almost all important herbs that promote healthy hair. I mixed it without lumps and soaked the hair pack overnight using the ingredients I mentioned (except egg), which I added in the morning before I applied it in on scalp and hair as a thick paste, almost like a pack-cap 😛

Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
Yami Herbals Hair Oil and Hair Pack Review Desi Reflexions
I’ve also tried it with coconut milk (for extreme dryness). Use whichever is convenient to you (banana, egg, curd, papaya pulp, essential oils, etc.,). Also, Yami herbals hair pack smells heavenly 🙂
I kept the pack on for 1.5 hours and wrapped with a warm towel, or you can even steam it slightly, for the goodness to seep in. I washed then with mild shampoo. Use serum and conditioner (natural one preferably and if required) to control extreme dryness until your hair is tamed naturally. This happens because majority of us are in AC for more long duration.
My hair took time to change from extreme frizz to a decent one. Now, its all manageable, healthy and hair fall is under control 🙂
(Please note, it is not magic. Depending on hair types and heredity, hair takes time to respond. Patience is always rewarded)
2. Mix it with other herbs as per the problems concerned. Read about my regular hair regime, here. Along which Yami plays a strong part now 🙂
Several other factors that affect Hair & Scalp health:
Please remember hair is brittle, sensitive and it does also have life and its own cycle. Not only these topical applications, but these factors has influence on how your hair responds to the natural spa.
1. Shampoo you use – Try using only mild shampoos
2. Reduce blow drying your hair
3. Cut down using dryers, since natural hair drying is safe
4. Include lots of vitamins & nutrients in the diet
5. Stress
6. Genes
7. Hot shower
8. Modern lifestyle – Eating Junk, using salon shampoos, hair gels etc.,
Keeping all these in mind, let’s work for better hair goals 🙂
Desi Réflexions Statement – Excellent herbal creation!
Reach for Yami’s ancient recipes at
1. Whatsapp at :  7358813032
2. Instagram : @yamiherbals
3. Facebook : Yami Herbals


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Divya says:

    Great review! Really helpful 👍🏻
    So for oily scalp and dry hair people is it ok to apply hairpack on oily hair?


    1. Hey Divya,

      You mean to say Oily scalp + dry hair? If that’s the case

      1. Oil – If you wish to oil, please use only one tsp oil of oil and massage the scalp. Make sure the oil does not overdose and the hair does not become damp

      2. For the hair pack – You can add egg + curd and apply. Yes, it can be applied on oiled hair.


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