Review: Yami Herbals Herbal Bath Powder

There are times when you feel uber proud; one such moment was when I got to know Yami herbals and I interacted with the pillar behind Yami, Shylaja Pradeep.
So, the first reason for me to feel elated was – she’s striving hard to create awareness and resuscitate the skincare and hair care recipes of good old days, at a very economical cost. And the second reason being, we have both graduated from the same esteemed Anna University ❤
My joy knew no bounds when I read about her herbal products, since it included the herbs and raw materials which I’ve come across during my childhood but almost forgotten them and which are sourced from interiors of villages in south India.
It’s interesting to know that the beginning of Yami was when she fervently searched a chemical-free and baby bath powder (snana powder, we call it) and ended up finding none in the market. However, life has its own way of enlightening you, in any form or through anyone. And that’s how the first product of Yami “Herbal Bath powder”, was crafted, a product born after numerous trials and study.
So, here it goes, I’d like to share my thoughts on Yami’s herbal bath powder 🙂
Yami Herbals Bath Powder Review Desi Reflexions
Yami Herbals Bath Powder Review Desi Reflexions
Product Description:
Are we aware that harmful chemicals present in soaps can create havoc for our health?
The potential ingredients include Formaldehyde, Parabens, Benzoyl Peroxide etc. These chemicals have been associated with skin allergies, nasal cancers, skin irritation, dryness and itching of skin. And, the list is endless.
To keep the peril at bay, Yami Herbals has formulated a safe, traditional, 100% natural, handmade bath powder in three variants.
Variants available:
1. Here goes to pampering of gentle skin of the new born:
The first variant is for babies (0 month-1 year) which is completely safe for your baby’s fragile and beautiful skin. Yami’s bath powder wouldn’t make their skin dry unlike the market available baby soaps.
2. Here goes to the enthusiastic toddler girls and Women
Bestowed with rich herbal goodness, it keeps skin problems at bay and also makes the skin glowing and young. It also protects the skin from infections caused by pollution and dust.
3. Last but never the least, here goes to the upcoming dangal boys and Men
Don’t you all worry, Yami’s bath powder has rich and pure ingredients to handle your skin and has green gram dhal instead of turmeric (as turmeric will result in shedding of body hair)
And, I can already see you heave a sigh of relief 😛 Yes, you guys need not rely on handsome creams or chemicals anymore! 😀
Claims and Recommendations
  • Fresh (weekly batches) and hand-made
  • 100% natural
Suitable for:
The product I got was the baby bath powder (advantage of having a sensitive skin, isn’t it? :P)
They have powders for the specific age rage. Nevertheless, the baby bath powder can also be used for adults with sensitive skin 🙂 😀
Quantity and Price: Rs.120 for 100g, they also customize the quantity according to the requirements.
The bath powder is packed in a plastic box along with a spoon (Thank you!). The ingredients and “directions to use” are clearly mentioned on it as well. The plastic box is inturn packed in a thick cardboard packaging with a doodle wrapper.
Yami Herbals Bath Powder Review Desi Reflexions
Yami Herbals Bath Powder Review Desi Reflexions
So, the particularity of the wrapper is something which I additionlly liked. It is the hand doodled design by Shylaja (Oh yes, she is a viscom grad) which indicates different natural ingredients.
Shelf Life: 1 year (It remains fresh even for a longer duration, provided you don’t sprinkle water, or add water by mistake inside the box)
Texture: Fine powder (Crumble free)
Whole Green Gram, Neem leaves, Aavarampoo, Rose Petals, Kasthuri Manjal/Wild Turmeric, Vettiver/Kus, Poolan Kilangu/White Turmeric, Dried Lemon Peel or Orange Peel, Korai Kizhangu, Black Jeera, Karpoga Arisi, Shikakai
Read more about the uses of these ingredients in skincare, here.
Yami Herbals Bath Powder Review Desi Reflexions
Usage instructions:
Take the required amount of bath powder and mix some water or milk in it to make a paste. Apply it all over the body and leave for 5 minutes and rinse it off with water.
Or, use it as a dry scrub by scrubbing the skin with bath powder and then wash it off with water.
My experience:
It was the most awaited experience, I would say. Like I had mentioned earlier, it reminisced my good old childhood days. I started using the bath powder and I always preferred it with milk.
After making it a fine paste with milk, (the consistency can be as per your convenience, though I’d recommend a thick paste for easier application) I applied it all over my skin and followed instructions given by her. I leave it on my skin for few minutes.
The first good impression was (always it is, for me. I have strong sensory nerves :P) the fragrance of the ingredients.
Later, I rinsed it off thoroughly with water after five minutes. I’m left with a healthier, clean skin after each use.
Yes, I agree that it would take some time to make the paste and use (compared to the soaps), but trust me, it would be worth the investment of time 🙂
The best part is it is 100% natural and safe for anyone to use; even for facial application. This herbal product will definitely not affect nor tingle your skin. I’d recommend you to give it a try for this effective yet very affordable product 🙂
Where to buy: Whatsapp your queries/orders to Sylaja @ 7358813032
Instagram : @yamiherbals
Desi Reflexions statement: Excellent

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