Review: Madhu’s Magic Mask (Aroma Essentials Masks for healthy hair)

Before I start, I confess that I took enough time (I’ve been regular to this for almost 4 months now) to gauge the below mentioned hair masks. So, heave a sigh of relief and continue reading, my friends 😀
If there is something that I regret a lot for, it would be moving to Bangalore. Why? I’ve lost enough hair due to the water and pollution here. Additional gifts were dandruff, itchy scalp and rough hair! It was turning unmanageable and rough. No shampoo helped, no salon spas helped and I was deprived of positivity!  (Of course, I am a woman who loves decent hair (at least)).
That’s when my Anni (Bhaabi) introduced me to Aroma Essentials and I consulted Madhurima for help. Hair Revitalizing mask was one of the first products that I shopped from Aroma Essentials. The range has grown and so has my trust for them ♥️
Without further delay, let me take you through the simplest of recipes which can save your hair from damage!
The mask involves two major ingredients from Aroma Essentials and they are
1. Butter Drops Hair Mask
This is a star, trust me!
My colleagues would conform to this too! 😁
  •  It is a buttery gel formula which contains Pro V B5, B3, Sesame Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Vitamins A & C (That’s good amount of nutrients, isn’t it?)
  • Suitable for : Chemically Treated (Damaged) Hair (Be it using extensive salon shampoos, spas, creams etc.,)
  • Functions : Restores and conditions weak, damaged and over-processed hair. It promotes improved texture, softness, manageability and shine
(I couldn’t agree more. Every single function mentioned above and on the bottle, is what it does!)
  • Quantity and Price :  410 for 60g and Rs. 765 for 100g


Butter Drops Hair Mask Review Desi Reflexions
Butter Drops Hair Mask Review Desi Reflexions
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2. Hair Revitalizing Mask
  • A black color mask with slightly thick consistency is meant for abnormal hair loss (ask me about it! 😓)
  • Go ahead to read the interesting ingredients : Bringraj (activates hair follicles to promote hair growth), Amla (Essential Fatty acids in amla prevent hair loss), Brahmi (strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss and nourishes scalp) , Anantmool, Jeshtimadh, Kapoor Kachri (these promote hair growth, safeguards scalp and eliminates scalp infections), Essential Oils
  • The aroma of this mask is evident and I love it!
  • It had enough goodness to treat my affected hair and scalp
  • Quantity and Price : 475 for 100g and Rs. 765 for 175g
(1tbsp or 2 per use, so if we use it twice a week, the 175g pack comes easily for 2.5 months)
Hair Revitaling Mask Review Desi Reflexions
Hair Revitaling Mask Review Desi Reflexions
3. Egg + Curd
I have always used these ingredients for any hair pack I used. For healthier hair and scalp.
Curd = Helps control Frizz and indispensable for cleansing dandruff
Egg = Rich source of nutrients, strengthens and rebuilds damaged hair
4. Other ingredients
You can add any herbal/natural ingredients to this mask as per your hair conditions, availability and convenience 🙂
(Eg., Aloe Vera juice, hibiscus powder, rose powder, shikakai, Banana etc) or you can retain just the two masks.
Directions to use:
Take 1tbsp of Butter drops mask + 1tbsp of Hair Revitalizing Mask + 1 Full Egg or 2 (Egg White is also fine) + Thick curd. Mix well to form a paste like consistency.
Hair Mask Review Desi Reflexions
Hair Mask Review Desi Reflexions
Ensure to oil your scalp (overnight oiling of not more than 3 tsps of oil, would be better). Take the mixture and apply on scalp, roots and hair. Wait for an hour and wash off with mild shampoo.
*If you wish to apply only butter drops mask, ensure to apply it on slightly wet hair or oiled hair
My experience and Results :
A picture is worth 1000 words. Here you go!
  *Oh Yes, I do own a F.R.I.E.D.S lanyard :P* – Out of nowhere
I’ve seen reduced hair fall, healthier scalp (that was my aim! I wanted healthy hair and scalp), shiny, bouncy, frizz-free, manageable hair. Additionally, I also have less curls now 👸 (Yay!) I have naturally straight neat hair.
Please note that the shampoo, conditioner and hair serum we use, EQUALLY MATTERS. Try to incorporate milder shampoo, for better results.
I ensure to use this mask + another new ingredient, REGULARLY twice a week.
Regularity and consistency is the key for healthy hair!
This Magic mask would work wonders for you too! Another special ingredient has been added to my mask lately. Curious to know which one? Catch the update on my upcoming article ♥️
If you have time to read on what hair serum, shampoo and conditioner I use, please continue 😀 🙂 Else, grab a Chai or popcorn and come back to read the next half 😛
Aroma Essentials Hair Conditioner
Hair Mask Review Desi Reflexions Hair conditioner
Designed for all hair types, it consists of Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin B5 and wheat protein.
Reading the ingredients, checking the texture, I directly switched to this conditioner, since I had a very bad experience with L’Oreal Mythic Oil range.
You can skip using a conditioner, if you do not wish to or if you have manageable hair 🙂
Take very little quantity and apply to hair shafts, leave it for 2 or 3 minutes and wash thoroughly.
Price and Quantity : Rs. 295 for 100g
Aroma Essentials Leave-On Serum
Aroma Essentials Leave On serum Desi Reflexions
My second bottle is in use and I’m completely happy with it. I’ve put a stop to L’oreal serums after using this one. It has vitamins, herbal extracts, Arncia Extracts, Flax seed which helps in preventing frizziness. It does what it claims 🙂 ❤
The mildest, harmless, amazingly fragrant serum I use currently.
Quantity and Price : Rs.175 for 45 ml
Tomato Pumpkin Cleanser (Shampoo)
A chemical and sulfate free cleanser from Aroma Essentials comes with goodness of mustard oil and essential oils at a price of Rs. 295 for 120g for dry/frizzy hair and scalp. This is one of the mild shampoos that I’ve used.
How to use?
Take a spoon or two of the cleanser, add warm water to it and blend it well until it forms a shampoo like consistency. You can also make this the previous night and store it in a glass bottle or jar, to ease shampooing in the morning (I’d recommend this method for those who live in colder places like Bangalore)
Tomato Pumpkin Cleanser Review Desi Refexions
Tomato Pumpkin Cleanser Review Desi Refexions
Tomato Pumpkin Cleanser Review Desi Refexions
Apply the cleanser on scalp and hair, massage the scalp thoroughly in circular motions to cleanse well. Wash off after 5 minutes.
(Note : Since it is completely chemical free, it does not foam like the commercial shampoos and we would need to dedicate few extra minutes for thorough cleansing and best results)
My mother has tried Onion Cleanser from Aroma Essentials which is whipped in similar manner for use. it is advisable to choose Onion shampoo for itchy scalp, dandruff and hair fall.
GENERAL TIP on shampoos
You can choose any shampoo, whichever is convenient for your hair (it differs for each individual), just ensure it is mild 🙂 I’ve also tried other mild shampoos.
Also, never quickly change shampoos, like disco lights 😛 Be consistent, but yes if it provokes hair fall, you can shift to a better one which suits you.
Hope you liked the article and it helped you! Let me know your valuable comments below 🙂 Happy Hair caring!
Fin (The End) Phew! Quite a long article this time 😀
Where to buy Aroma Essentials Products?
Whatsapp : Message Madhurima @7760988272
Instagram : @aromaessentials

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