Review: Instaglam Lavender Patchouli After Bath Body Glow Oil

Thanks to Instagram that I found Instaglam! 😉 Yes, a new brand that I came across in Instagram which creates natural and aromatherapy Skin and Haircare products, “Instaglam”. Today, am here to share my thoughts on their “Lavender and Patchouli After Bath Body Glow Oil”
Lavendar patchouli body oil review desi reflexions
Before we read about the product, let me share an introduction about the brand 🙂
In Mahera’s own words (the pillar of Instaglam), about Instaglam..
“The inspiration for creating INSTAGLAM HAIR AND SKIN CARE came after I started looking for A Product, that can Heal My acne and Pimple, in the Market. But those Products left my skin in a poor condition. I did some digging, and unearthed some harsh truths about skincare products in the market. I was shocked and disappointed to find out that the Products were packed with chemicals that are harmful in the long run. So I started Searching for some Remedies That can Heal my Skin without Being Harmful. While digging the Internet I came across amazing Effects of Aromatherapy and so I decided to make a product myself using my knowledge of the skincare benefits of essential oils and plant oils.  It worked so well for me that I did a diploma in Aromatherapy and Cosmetology to make more Products and then INSTAGLAM was Born.
The Best thing I love About this Job is  Complete creative freedom! I can make products I am passionate about exactly how I envision them. Plus, I make custom formulas for customers with specific skin sensitivities, issues, or wants. It’s a lot of fun.
What gives me the most pleasure out of running INSTAGLAM HAIR & SKIN CARE is answering and advising customers about their skin and Hair care concerns and which INSTAGLAM’S products will address their concerns. Formulating the product from Scratch Every other day is another favourite part, knowing they are fresh when the customer gets them.  I love making up the products as well as the bottling process. I leave the labels to my hubby as he prefers to stick them on himself.”
Product Description:
Image Courtesy : Insta Glam
An easy pictorial introduction about the body oil, by Instaglam 🙂
It is a 3 in 1 body oil
1. After bath moisturizer
2. Hot bath water for relaxation
3. Body massage oil
Ingredients: Blend of pure essential oils and carrier oils
Suitable for:  All skin types
Quantity and Price: Rs.600 for 50 ml
I received the product neatly and safely wrapped in a bubble wrapper, along with a note.
The body oil comes in an opaque dropper bottle for better shelf life and freshness.
Lavendar patchouli body oil review desi reflexions
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Texture: Runny, non-greasy, non-sticky and easily absorbent oil
Variants available:
1. Lavender Patchouli
2. Vanilla Cinnamon
3. Orange-Ylang Ylang
My experience:
Ok, here comes details of the trials I did on this oil
1. Use as After Bath Body Oil:
I always use an after bath body oil and ever since I shifted to organic care routine, I was in search of one. Instaglam had launched it in the right time and I placed my order to try this magic bottle.
Due to very dry weather conditions and my dry skin, I was obliged to regularly use a body oil post bath. I massaged it well on my damp skin in circular motions, to help improve blood circulation.
Since my skin was very sensitive I am always inclined to using lavender based products and I found that I was addictive to its fragrance. This body oil also has a mild and soothing fragrance which lingers on the skin for a while.
My skin remained moisturized the whole day. Also, we must ensure to hydrate ourselves from inside too 🙂
This is how it looks when applied on skin (the immediate picture) and it gets absorbed well.
lavendar patchouli body oil review desireflexions
Lavendar patchouli body oil review desi reflexions
2. Use as night time moisturizer
Extreme dry skin demands pampering during nights too. I moisturize my skin before going to bed, each night. You can add few drops of this oil to your regular moisturizer, to soothe your senses plus safeguard your skin in the night. It helps skin get a healthy rejuvenated softness in the morning.
You can also massage few drops of the oil directly to skin as it has a massaging benefit to relieve body pain and the fragrance sedates us.
Enter a caption

Lavendar patchouli body oil review desi reflexions

3. Use with Instaglam’s 100x washed Ghee
Another amazing use is with Instaglam’s 100x washed ghee. I managed to steal some and try this out :P. The ghee can be used in the night time to repair extremely dull and dehydrated skin. Take few drops of lavender patchouli oil and whip it well with little washed ghee, before applying it on dry hands and legs. Wake up with a supple skin in the morning!
Lavendar patchouli body oil review desi reflexions
Lavendar patchouli body oil review desi reflexions


4. Use it as savior for dull skin
I work in AC for almost 8 hours and I always ensure to carry a moisturizer/body butter. But my dehydrated skin demands more than body butter, hence I try to incorporate body oil too.
I have a handy small bottle of my body butter/moisturizer mixed with few drops of lavender patchouli body oil, which I refill each day and carry it to office, to reapply when required.
5. Use it in hot water bath
We can use few drops of oil in warm water to have a scented bath and to reduce stress and tension.
I’ve experimented enough and I’m completely satisfied with its purpose 😀
Where to buy:
Whatsapp Mahera @7045668514
Instagram : @insta_glam_beauty
Desi Réflexions statement: Good!

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