Review: Bath and Body Essentials Sugared Rose body scrub

Hello everyone 🙂 Am here with another review of a product from the recently launched brand “Bath and body essentials”. They have an amazing array of products introduced now.
Rose petal powder, which is known to have potential benefits in skin care, is also a great ingredient to be used in scrubs. It nourishes, cleanses and tones skin.
I always insist on exfoliation of skin as the indispensable step in skincare. To know why, let me reiterate the fact mentioned in one of my previous articles, below
“Why is scrubbing important?
Scrubbing and exfoliation is an essential skincare routine since it helps shed the dead skin cells, dirt and flakiness on our body, especially on dry skin and during winters. Without it being shed and removed, the other creams and moisturizers might not be effective.”
Yes, I will be reviewing their Sugared Rose body scrub in this article. Don’t miss reading the previous review of B&B Essentials rose lip scrub! 🙂 Happy reading!
Product Description:
Body scrubs can either be salt or sugar based; this sugared rose body scrub comes with the goodness of rose petal powder, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, lemon oil and rose water.
Claims and Recommendations:
  • Chemical Free
  • Natural
Suitable for:
All skin types (If required, for sensitive and extremely dry skin, it is recommend to add a few drops of almond oil or coconut oil or olive oil.
Quantity and Price: Rs.200 for 100g
A small transparent plastic tub with their logo print fixed on the lid, holds the contents intact. They also send a small note with the required details of the product, quantity and directions to use.
Shelf Life: 1 year
Texture: It has a crumbled texture, not coarse though.
Ingredients: Rose petals, sugar, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, lemon oil and rose water.
Usage Frequency: Weekly
Variants available:
Another form of scrub is also available, the whipped sugar scrub (Lavender, vanilla, rose and lemon)
My experience:
Who would not love to enjoy a flowery fragranced exfoliation? The fragrance, which is traceable even from a distance, would linger for a while. This calms down your senses. Ok, now let me go ahead from describing the sensory characteristics to the major effects of the scrub. (I always enjoy a good aromatic product :P)
I took the required quantity of body scrub in a clean spatula first and applied on the wet skin. As I scrubbed gently, I could feel the sugars melt gradually to help in cleansing and exfoliation. It helped remove the dirt, pollution and dead skin cells, to reveal a revived skin, finally ❤
We should continue the process on regular basis for best results, this applies for any natural product. The product justifies what it claims and that too, at a nominal cost. I loved trying my first sugared body scrub, which rejuvenates skin, exfoliates and calms down senses, all at once 🙂
P.S – Never forget to moisturize your skin post exfoliation 🙂
Where to buy:
Summary: Considering the quality and economical value, I recommend you to go ahead and give it a try 🙂
Desi Réflexions statement: Good

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