Review: Bath and Body Essentials Rose Sugar lip scrub

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing good 😊 I’m very happy to introduce a new natural skin and care brand that was recently launched, “Bath and Body Essentials”
The Kolkata based brand, curated by Anahita and Sushmita, aims to incorporate natural essence in all products and render it chemical free. Affordability and Quality assurance are their primary concern and vision.
Today, I’ll share with you the review of their sugared rose lip scrub
Lip exfoliation:
Be it lips, body, face or feet scrubbing and exfoliation is essential part of the regime. The basic, I’d rather put it as.
For lips, exfoliation ensures that the texture of lips improves (the chapped dry lips caused by weather change), it makes the lips looks healthier by removing the dead skin cells, gradually and naturally reduces the dark spots and helps make any topical lip applications look better.
Product Description:
The Rose sugar lip scrub comes with the goodness of pure rose oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and sugars, which helps cleanse and remove dead skin cells.
  • Chemical Free
  • Natural
Suitable for:
All skin types; for sensitive and extremely chapped lips, you can add a few drops of almond oil or coconut oil or olive oil (if required).
Quantity and Price:
50g of the scrub costs Rs.150 (Pocket-friendly <3)
The scrub comes in a small transparent plastic tub with their logo print fixed on the lid. They also send a small note with the required details of the product, quantity and directions to use.
Shelf Life: 1 year
The scrub has a texture that closely resembles to that of wet sand and definitely not gritty, hence gentle on lips.
Major ingredients include pure rose oil, rosehip oil, sweet almond oil and sugars
Recommended usage frequency:
Once or twice a week
My experience:
I was excited to try the sugared lip scrub since it was my first experience with one such kind. The organic, fresh and hand-made lip scrub had a flowery fragrance of rose. I watered my lips before exfoliation and then, I took a small quantity of the fine crumbled sugar scrub to exfoliate the lips gently in circular motions. It is advisable to use a clean spatula to fetch the scrub, a hygiene precaution.
I continued this routine for few weeks and I was content with the way the product exfoliated the lips and kept it healthy. I’d also insist to continue any organic routine, as the natural products give results gradually and not instantly.
This economical product is easily affordable and lasts for handful of lip exfoliations, until which we can relax with the rose lip scrub from Bath and body essentials 😉
Where to buy:
Find them on Instagram: @bath_and_body_essentials
Summary: Yes, I would recommend the Rose lip scrub to you and is worth the money
Desi Réflexions statement: Good

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