Review: Aroma Essentials Lip Roll-On (Lip Gloss)

I never dreamt of a day where I would be using a natural lip gloss. However, the day has come. Yes, you heard it right. A natural lip roll-on, handmade product, which is chemical-free and completely safe on lips. I’ve been using Aroma Essentials range for quite a long time now and I am proud to present you this super efficient product 🙂
Review aroma essentials lip roll on desireflexions
Product Description:
A 100% natural and organic lip gloss, with goodness of Mango butter, shea butter; which is an intensive moisturizer, heals rough skin and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
Claims and Recommendations:
  • Chemical Free
  • Paraben free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested
Suitable for:
Any woman who wishes to flaunt her cute lips 😉
(A surprise: Please don’t be disheartened dear men, Madhu has formulated one for you too 😀 A Mango butter lipstick/chapstick and the roll-on)
Price: Rs.250
It comes in a transparent plastic roll-on bottle packaging with a plastic ball which ensures smooth and even application. The handy little product fits even in smallest of your pouches. I hide it in my jeans pocket 😉 Easier to sneak and apply whenever you wish 😛
Shelf Life: 6 months
Texture: Buttery and smooth; non-greasy; gives a neat subtle shine
Ingredients: Major ingredients include Mango Butter, Shea Butter and redsandalwood oil
Variants available:
Including tinted ones and non-tinted glosses, they are available in 4 different colors
Review aroma essentials lip roll on desireflexions
My experience:
I started using this lip roll-on every morning, noon and night. Basically, anytime I feel my lips start drying or I feel that I should flaunt a bit 😉 Easy to carry, convenient and most importantly, effective. I shake it well before each application (to blend the indigents well).
It easily glides on lips, definitely non-waxy and non-tacky. It moisturizes the lips thoroughly and leaves lips soft and smooth. No strong flavors, no string colors and really lightweight, this easy roll-on has won my heart. I use it on bare lips and also, on lipsticks (if required).
Review aroma essentials lip roll on desireflexions
I live in Bangalore and sometimes due to the cold weather, the natural butters tend to solidify. I either shake it well or keep it in warm water to regenerate the liquid formula (although it was very rare that the gloss solidified, I wanted to share with you whatever Madhuima had instructed me before usage 🙂 )
I was curious to get my hands on the tinted one as well. The magenta tinted lip gloss (a variant of this) gives a subtle beetroot color on your lips. I enjoy both my glosses to bits!
I’ve loved it until now and I will continue using it. A very natural replacement for the liquid type balms 🙂 and a savior for those who prefer natural lip roll-on to balms!
Where to buy:

WhatsApp Madhurima @ 7760988272

Instagram: @aromaessentials


Desi Réflexions statement: Excellent  ❤
Interested to know about my thoughts on Aroma Essentials Lip Balm? Coming soon on Desi Réflexions 🙂
Review aroma essentials lip roll on desireflexions
Please share your valuable comments below! Happy skin caring! 🙂
Stay Desi Stay You!


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