Review: Aroma Essentials Lip Balm (Orange & Vanilla)

Day or Night, Summer or Winter, Office or home, I stick to this lip balm from “Aroma Essentials”. Healing, hydrating, fragrant, soothing lip balm which has been my regular for months together!
And you should know me well by now. I review a product, after using it well 🙂
Chapped and dehydrated, dull lips? I always use either their Lip balm or Aroma Essentials Lip Gloss (which immensely hydrates lips too). Read about their Lip Gloss, here.
Aroma Essentials Lip Balm Review Desi Reflexions
Aroma Essentials Lip Balm, made with essential oils, honey, shea butter and Vitamin E helps heal and protect your delicate skin viz., lips
PLUS, (the important point comes here 🙂 ) I drink lots of water. Hydrating from inside aids the topical applications to greater extent and help achieve best results.
Importance of drinking water for healthy lips:
Increased and regular water consumption is the only way to treat extreme dry/chapped lips to heal faster along with any lip balm. it helps moisturize the delicate skin from inside.
I follow the “IN” and “OUT” Rule 
Aroma Essentials Lip Balm Review Desi Reflexions



One goes in (H2O aka Water 😛 ) and the other is to apply on my lips. This is the rule which has helped me get an amazing hydrated lips. Always remember to drink enough water. Even if you aren’t thirsty, ensure to sip little, regularly. Make it a habit. Only this ensures that your topical application function effectively 🙂

And, with Aroma Essentials Lip balm, it worked well for me.
Lip Balm after exfoliation:
Every week, after I gently exfoliate my lips with lip scrub using a toothbrush, I immediately dab this rich lip balm for a plump and healthy lips and to hydrate the dry descaled skin.
How much lip balm to use?
I take very little of the balm and apply on my lips. And yes, slight tingling sensation is expected if you overuse the product (since it has orange essential oil). Hence, a very less quantity is more than enough to work the magic 🙂
Price and Quantity:  Rs. 175 for 12g
Aroma Essentials Lip Balm Review Desi Reflexions
Variants Available:
Orange vanilla
Orange grapefruit
Orange cinnamon
Rosemary lemon mint
Cocoa butter

Where to buy:

WhatsApp Madhurima @ 7760988272

Instagram: @aromaessentials


Desi Réflexions statement:  Excellent

Please share your valuable comments below! Happy skin caring! 🙂




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