Review: Aroma Essentials Lavender Facewash

I’m always thankful to Aroma Essentials, who were my huge inspiration to completely change my view on natural skin care ♥️ and now I’ve already gifted my mom an Aroma Essentials De-tan kit to pamper her tired and tanned skin.
One product which Amma (Mom) and I use in common is the “Lavender Facewash”. Yes, you guys guessed it right, this time I’ll share my views on this facewash 😊
Lavender Facewash review Desi Reflexions
“A safe natural face wash especially made for sensitive skin, free from chemicals and is non-comedogenic. What more is, it is loaded with useful ingredients that keep the skin safe and healthy”
“Lavender facewash is mild on skin, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and also improves blood circulation”
Claims and Recommendations:
  • Free from chemicals
  • Artificial Fragrance free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Dermatologically tested
  • If allergic to natural ingredients, a patch test is recommended before use
Suitable for: Sensitive skin
Quantity and Price: Available in three different quantities (That’s the best about AE; we get a chance to buy the smaller bottle first and check how comfortable we are with it 🙂)
  • 30 ml at Rs. 110
  • 60 ml at Rs. 205
  • 120 ml at Rs. 410
Packaging: It comes in an air-tight plastic bottle with a flip cap; helps in mess-free usage
Shelf Life: 6 months
Texture: Intermittent consistency (It is neither thick nor watery)
Ingredients: Lavender buds and Lavender Oil
Usage Frequency: Twice a day
Variants available:
My experience:
I have been using this for more than a month now and have a look at my used bottle (I’ve almost bruised it 😜) So, based on this I’m sharing my experience and opinion.
I use it twice (beginning and end) a day with this foam-free face wash (generally foams harm my eyes and cause redness). I take the advised quantity as mentioned on the bottle (The “Directions to be used” are clearly stated) , apply in circular motions around my face and massage well on my wet face; I take some time to mildly cleanse the face including my neck; after which I wash it off, to reveal a fresh and clear face.
I enjoy the fragrance of lavender more. It feels heavenly and soothing! My bottle flap is almost broken since I’ve opened it those many number of times, just to smell the aroma and close it back. I’m addicted to lavender now ♥️
I am completely comfortable with the product since it doesn’t foam but at the same time very effectively cleanses and freshens face; completely harmless on my skin, no irritation etc., And, my face also becomes soft after facewash. When it has all pros (in fact way better than a cosmetic facewash), why continue facewashes loaded with chemicals?
I’m already going back for this facewash
Where to buy:
WhatsApp Madhurima, the maker of these products at 7760988272
Instagram: @aromaessentials
Desi Reflexions statement: Good
Happy skin caring!
Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 Drop your comments below!

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