Review: Aroma Essentials Lavender Baby Soap

Hello everyone! 🙂 I hope you are doing good and you enjoy reading my reviews? Today, I write to share with you about how I turned a bitter experience into a very good one ❤

The story:

Almost 4 months ago, I was all this organic-maniac (I am, even now) and was trying out a soap from new brand (I got two, since there was an offer running for that brand :/ )!

With all hopes, I started using the soap but just to get a bad tingling burning here and there on my skin, every single time I used it! It surpassed the threshold and I decided not to go ahead using it. Since my skin is sensitive, I had to seek help from my skincare expert, “Madhurima” of Aroma Essentials!

I sent her the soap’s picture, explained her what happened and that’s when she suggested me to use their baby soap. (The below image <3, cute isn’t it?)


Aroma Essentials Lavendar Soap Review Desi Reflexions


 The angel savior – Lavender Soap

Why did I choose Aroma Essentials?

Aroma Essentials’ products have suited well for my skin and hair care and I have been using them for almost 8 months now. I did not want to risk any other soaps, just then.

Why did I choose baby soap?

Sensitive skin demands extra attention, like that of a baby. And, since the burning sensation persisted, I decided to try the baby soap first, so that it is gentle on my skin and comforts the affected skin.

And finally, why Lavender?

Lavender, a “safe herb” whose antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties are known to heal the skin. Also, it has calming, soothing properties. (Sounds right, isn’t it? Plus, lavender is my all-time favorite aroma, hence, without doubt, I went ahead with the choice)

Product Description:

“Lavender soap is beneficial to problem skin, and can alleviate the symptoms of acne and eczema. Lavender is used extensively in aromatherapy healing because of it’s calming effect on everything from insect bites to headaches”


Aroma Essentials Lavendar Soap Review Desi Reflexions



I resorted to this pretty little angel embossed soap, which was neatly packed in a transparent film.

Suitable for:

Babies to pretty women 😉 (Okay, I am not being partial, all skin types, anyone! :D)

Price:  Rs.175
Shelf Life: 6 months
Pro vitamin B5, Lavender Essential oil and baby shampoo bar (It can also be safely used on hair)
My experience:
This time I had confidence that my skin will not have a bad reaction. Still, I paid good attention to check how it responded. Initial observation was as follows. As the soap lathered well alongside my skin, NO stinging sensation and no harm was caused. I smiled, rather relieved! 😛
I continued using it and kept an eye on any kind of burning sensation. On the contrary, it turned out to be extremely gentle on skin since it had mild ingredients and also baby shampoo bar. The fragrance soothed and guaranteed a calming bath.
The quality of this soap was too good and causes no irritation. I did try it on my face and noticed that it did not sting my eyes, assuring complete safety to be used on babies. It has baby shampoo bar, easier for moms to use it on hair. Or by any chance the soap spreads to the baby’s scalp, it would not cause any harm, of course!
It nourishes and moisturizes the skin on regular use and rejuvenates it. Overall, I am completely satisfied with Aroma Essentials Lavender soap. (Yes, I did go ahead for the second one :D)
Variants Available:
Floral Fusion Soap Set, Fruit Fusion Soap Set and Herbal Fusion Soap Set ❤
Image Credits – Aroma Essentials
Desi Reflexions Statement: Good
I cant wait to try all these, one by one, in future 🙂 ❤
Please share your thoughts below, I’d be more than happy to hear 🙂 and Happy skin caring! ❤

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