Review: Aroma Essentials Cinnamon Body Scrub

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading my article on the story behind one of my favorite brands “Aroma Essentials”. If you guys have missed, read it here
I’m here today to share with you my experience of using “Cinnamon body scrub” of Aroma Essentials; a brand which provides complete natural and safe, skin and hair care solutions.
In general, we apply creams or moisturizers on our body but we occasionally remember to scrub and exfoliate it first. Sadly, some of us do not scrub too.
Why is scrubbing important?
Scrubbing and exfoliation is an essential skincare routine since it helps shed the dead skin cells, dirt and flakiness on our body, especially on dry skin and during winters. Without it being shed and removed, the other creams and moisturizers might not be effective.
So here you go, I’m sharing my review 🙂
Product Description:
“Cinnamon helps remove dead skin cells and helps restore shine and suppleness to skin. A scrub made by combining Pink Himalayan Salt, almond oil, honey and cinnamon fights skin dryness”
  • If allergic to natural ingredients, patch test is recommended before use
Suitable for:
Specially designed for sensitive and dry skin
Quantity and Price: This comes for Rs.750 for 125 grams
Packaging: It comes in a tub; convenient to use and carry it during travel
Shelf Life: 6 Months
  • The scrub has the right ratio of skin sloughing elements, moisturizing elements and mild aroma
  • In general, body scrubs are slightly harsh (where salts form the major part); but this butter scrub which is designed for sensitive and dry skin, has a creamy texture along with exfoliating particles
  • It has a thick consistency
  • Pink Himalayan Salt – Helps get rid of dry skin and improves the texture of skin; also a great exfoliator
  • Cinnamon – A natural aromatic spice acts as an exfoliator and also keeps skin healthy by removing dirt and dead cells
  • Honey – Helps in keeping pores clear and clean
  • Shea butter and Cocoa butter – Moisturizes dry skin
  • Jojoba Oil – Helps restore skin’s natural pH balance
My experience:
I’m sharing my experience after using it regularly, with a frequency of once a week; it is also recommended to scrub only once a week (let us control our over-doing enthusiasm 😝). I have sensitive, dry skin and I’m happy with the product for its mild exfoliation and cleansing. It definitely doesn’t dry out the skin.
It doesn’t harm my sensitive skin, since there are only mild exfoliating ingredients and (like a thick creamy payasam 😜) and not gritty particles. It does not leave any greasiness behind too; does the job well as a scrub.
I would recommend to use a clean spatula for the scrub, for enhanced hygiene and mess free usage.
The skin felt good and moreover, I was advised to use moisturizer post scrubbing, to keep the skin extra soft and to safeguard the skin which was exfoliated.
I was also able to use it on my lips as lip scrub 🙂 Overall, it is an ideal natural scrub and I loved the experience.
Desi Réflexions statement: Good
Where to buy:
Madhurima, the maker of these fine products is reachable at
WhatsApp: 7760988272
Instagram: @aromaessentials
You can consult her, browse through their page and place your order 🙂
Happy Skin caring!

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