Healing properties of Coconut Oil

6:00 AM June 29, 2017 – I was on top of the world to have traveled to Agra (basically, north itself :P) and to stand facing The Taj Mahal. My joy knew no bounds that I ignored the temperature of the surroundings. Since I was from Chennai, I naturally believed that I was capable of withstanding the sun at Delhi and Agra. At that moment, never did I expect that the trip would soon turn into a complete disaster.
Post the exhaustive visit, being an ardent fan of the Jodha Akbar movie, I persisted to visit the Agra Fort. Despite my tiredness, redness of the skin (which had gradually increased in the meantime), I continued roaming around. After a point, I developed severe freckles, burnt skin, and red eyes. That’s when I realized the harsh effects of the sun on my skin. I was urged to seek medical help.
The highlight of all these happenings was – heartbreaking moment for any woman – sarojini market shopping was withheld (I know right 😭!). Instead, I had to visit the dermatologist in Delhi; medicated lotions and creams were suggested.
I applied the lotion, hoping that I can step out for shopping (😋) and nothing worked. We returned back to Bangalore.
One of my doctors here questioned “why do you apply all these? Get aloe vera gel (from the plant), pure coconut oil and apply it liberally all over the skin.”
I obeyed her, even though I lost hope on getting my old skin back (I did feel a bit like cooked tandoori 😜). But trust me, it worked wonders. My skin healed, I could see visible changes. I used nothing except coconut oil. Additionally, when I cut the aloe plant, I applied the pulp directly on my skin to cool it down.
Friends, I wish to insist on the benefits of this simple oil again, hence the narration of this short tale.
  • Coconut oil heals the sunburn, wounds; relieves from the itching and peeling of skin
  • This is feasible because it is high in saturated fats, which are great for moisturizing our skin
  • In the burnt condition, skin tends to be dry and itchy, so applying coconut oil helps relieve those symptoms by replenishing the skin’s moisture
  • It also helps prevents infection and acts as a natural sunscreen
Other remarkable benefits of coconut oil :
  • Natural disinfectant for hairbrush (hairbrush cleaner)
  • Massage oil for treating dandruff and promoting hair growth (have you noticed how Keralites have naturally healthier hair?)
  • Heals cracked heels
  • Eye/Face makeup remover (safest ever!)
  • Natural lip gloss (like that of butter)
  • Post-shower application prevents loss of moisture
  • Reduces wrinkles with regular application
So, when nature has equipped us enough with what is required, why to complicate our lives? 🤔 (One of my friends always, always carries only coconut oil, while I pack the whole set of creams to head anywhere which, sometimes, served no purpose; well, the former was right! 😝). Make sure you check the weather and depending on your skin type, pack the right needs for a happy and safe trip! (Ensure to take along a small bottle of coconut oil, without fail)
Stay desi! 🙂

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